MoodOff Day Charity

MoodOff Day is a smartphone addiction awareness charity launched in Australia in 2011. With our help they have reached into 42 countries and countless media impressions including television, radio, newspapers, magazines and online – internationally.

MoodOff Day launched in 2011 with an aim to raise awareness of the growing epidemic of smartphone and device addiction with increasing social impact, degradation of social etiquette as well as health and safety impact, right through to fatalities due to texting while driving. They wanted to reach not only Australian smartphone users but raise awareness internationally.
MoodOff Day

We took their key messaging across the various areas of concern in which they wanted to raise awareness and delivered these through various media avenues nationally (Australia) and internationally. This was done through direct media pitching, press releases, articles, opinion pieces and commentary as well as extensive social media posting/engagement.

MoodOff Day

We have achieved 500+ media impressions across 26 countries, interviews on radio and TV, magazine features, journalists covering their experience of ‘going without for 5 hours’, general news reporting and piggy-backing on the topic. Plus we reached smartphone users in 42 countries through social media gaining a following of 18 000 on facebook alone.

With smartphone addiction prevailing and the various impacts still emerging, the MoodOff Day initiative is an ongoing one with various campaigns and programs run throughout the year, they are in need for support and donations. You can make such here.

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